FAQs about Daniel's Law

Daniel’s Law (P.L. 2021, c. 371) protects the personal information of active or retired judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and their immediate family members. Government agencies, individuals, and businesses are prohibited from publishing the home address and telephone number of individuals who request protection under Daniel’s Law.

Daniel’s Law is a New Jersey statute that provides a means for certain public servants to request the redaction of certain personal information from public-facing State, county, and municipal websites. The full text of the law can be found here: P.L. 2021, c.371 (A6171 2R CC) (njleg.gov).

Active and retired federal and state court judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement members may request redaction of certain personal information from the public-facing sites noted above.

To make this determination, refer to the statute (noted above) or return to the home page of this website to review the definitions of Covered Person and Authorized Person, as defined by Daniel’s Law.

1. Go to https://danielslaw.nj.gov

2. Create a Daniel’s Law portal account by clicking the “Register for a Daniel's Law Account” button.

3. Enter your first name, last name, name of your current or former employing agency, email address, verification code, and click the “Register Account” button. Should you encounter issues with this step, click on “Need Help” for assistance.

4. After creating your Daniel’s Law account, you will be required to link it to your myNewJersey account.
a. If you have an existing myNewJersey account, select “Yes” under “Do you have a myNewJersey Logon ID?” and log in to your account.
b. If you do not have a myNewJersey account, select “No” under “Do you have a myNewJersey Logon ID?” to create one.

5. Once your Daniel’s Law account is linked to your myNewJersey account, the “Daniel’s Law – Disclosure Protection” hyperlink will be displayed in your myNewJersey account. Click on it to return to the Daniel’s Law portal.
Alternatively, you can also sign in directly through the Daniel’s Law portal (https://danielslaw.nj.gov) by clicking the “Daniel's Law Account Login” button. You will then be directed to log in to your myNewJersey account.

a. If you are still working and are a member of a State pension plan, make sure that you have your ID Number available.

b. If you are a retired member of a State pension plan, you will need your retiree pension ID number. If you do not have either number, please scan in proof of your employment which you may have to upload during the application process.

Proof of employment includes:
• Swearing-in letter (Federal Court employees only)
• Federal or State ID
• Employment ID Card
• Employment letter issued by HR
• Badge or Badge no.

* To protect your identity, please DO NOT use any document with Personal Identifiable Information (PII), such as SSN, driver's license, mailing address, credit card information, passport information, health care or financial information.

Go to: 
www.danielslaw.nj.gov. Sign in and click “Create Request”. Follow the steps set out in the Step One questionnaire that will appear. This is the first step of a two-part process that you must follow to obtain redaction protections.

You will receive a notification from the Office of Information Privacy (OIP) to the email that you used to register for your Daniel’s Law account. 

Return to the Daniel’s Law Portal, as the OIP email will instruct you, and complete the Step Two Questionnaire.

Yes, you may send a request for reconsideration to the OIP at: OIP@dca.nj.gov. Further instructions will be provided to you in response.

The OIP asks that you recheck the information that you have submitted every 6 – 12 months, particularly if you change residence in NJ or acquire additional real property in NJ, which you may want to add to your original redaction request.

Should any personal information change after you already have requested protection under Daniel’s Law, please submit a new request with your updated information so the County may perform the necessary redactions. Examples of events that may modify your personal information are:

• Moved to a new home
• Bought/sold property
• Name change
• New phone number
• Will filed with the Office of the Surrogate
• Newly registered to vote

• Power of Attorney
• Letter of Estate Administration or Executorship
• Letter or Certification of Legal Guardianship
• Letter or Certification of Trusteeship
• Marriage License
• Birth Certificate
• Proof of Adoption
• Insurance Policy Declaration Sheet containing both Authorized and Covered Persons’ names as insured
• Mortgage Document showing jointly held property in New Jersey
• Joint Tax Return with income data redacted
• State Pension ID #
• Proof of receipt of State Pension benefit as widow/widower/other type of legally recognized beneficiary with Pension ID#
• Lease with Authorized and Covered Persons listed and signed as joint tenants
• Inheritance documents such as a Will or Trust

  • The Primary Residence address provided must be your Current Residence 
  • Please do not include addresses of your past residence(s) where you no longer reside 

The OIP was created within the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to carry out the mandate of Daniel’s Law.

Email: OIP@dca.nj.gov or call 609-815-3939.